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Live in the laughter. Live in the light. Spiritual coaching with Rynski.

From a Rynski Spiritual Coaching Client

MY Sincerest Thank YOu!


“You helped me get out of my black hole and into a prestigious community-based job with a mission I adore. Much gratitude!”

Lana H. | Dream Job Holder

Spiritual Coaching for ease and grace

Ever wonder what would happen if you just, well, relaxed?

We’ve been taught we need to push, claw, and barrel our way to the top to get what we want. So we push, claw, and barrel – and end up exhausted and unhappy.

Have you ever considered trying a new way of living?

One that leaves you energized and ebullient. One abuzz with the highest vibrations. One that comes with ongoing, sustainable success and delivers even more than what you were aiming for?

That’s the goal of my spiritual coaching. To help you live in laughter. Live in light. Let the power of the universe flow through you for a life rife with meaning and joy.


If it can do all this for me, it can do all this for you!

Feel. Do. Be Incredible.


I used to be afraid of EVERYTHING. Failure. Success. Saying or doing the “wrong” thing. I was trapped in a self-made prison. I have now officially broken free! 


 I survived a stalker, extreme grief, depression, living on the streets of NYC, and nearly drinking myself to death. I got through it all with the power of spirit on my side. 


High vibes only! After allowing the outer world’s nightmares to invade my being for so long, I now energetically protect my body, mind and soul. Talk about a happy haven!

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I used to question my every move.  And then sit around and worry if I made the right one. Now I move forward with ease and grace. 


I used to scramble and work myself to the bone, thinking the harder I worked, the more money I’d make.  Hah. All that scrambling actually choked to flow of riches, which now tend to flow forth naturally.


When I tried to control everything on my own, I ended up drunk and nearly dead. Once I let the power of the universe flow through me, I found a new freedom. A new happiness. A new way of living that that delights my soul. Every. Single. Day. 

Discover Your Personal Path for Living in Freedom and Joy

Unlike religion, spirituality doesn’t have any set “rules” you need to follow. The playing field is wide open and welcoming to all.

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Fits Your Schedule

Meet once a week. Once a month. Once, period. You determine how much guidance you want. Sessions last 60 minutes.

Spiritual Coaching on Your Schedule

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Investment in Happiness

Happier people are more creative, more successful and much more enjoyable to be around.   

Spiritual Coaching Keeps Giving for a Lifetime

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WOrks for All

You don’t need any esoteric knowledge or any background in anything to start living a spiritual life. All you need is willingness to give it a try. 

Spiritual Coaching for Business, Recovery, Life

‘Ryn Puts Her Heart, Soul and Talent into Her Coaching’


“As an accomplished artist and writer, Ryn brings those gifts in to play throughout the process of working together. I love the way she incorporates her unique art into the work materials, which can help make even the most serious issue seem a little lighter. It’s such a fresh approach, and applicable to any kind of recovery, not just from addiction but also relationships, illnesses, or any life transitions that have knocked you down and drained your dazzle.”

Kasia Y. | Health Coach

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Spiritual coaching FAQ

What is spiritual coaching?

Spiritual coaching is a way to bring more spirituality into your life. As a spiritual coach, I provide the same type of support, encouragement and thought-provoking questions and exercises as I would as a traditional business or life coach, but with a spiritual element.

What is spirituality?

Spirituality is a way of living that acknowledges there is something bigger than us out there – and then creates a meaningful relationship with that bigger-than-life thing for eternal freedom, joy, inner peace and whatever else our soul desires.

Does this mean I have to start going to church?

Nope. Not unless you want to. Spirituality doesn’t require a specific church. The world is a church. Nature is a church. Infinite blessings are everywhere around us. Spirituality and religion are two different things.

Spirituality is your personal connection to something bigger than you. You’re free to believe whatever you want to believe and connect however you wish to connect.

Religion is a system of faith that comes with readymade beliefs you are expected to align with if you want to be a part of that religion.

What Can spiritual coaching do for Me?

Can living a spiritual life make me happy? Rich? Beautiful? A better dog mom?

Yes, all of the above. In ways you may not even imagine. I know it sounds cliché, but you can truly live a life beyond your wildest dreams. I know I am.

What types of issues can spiritual coaching help?

Anything and everything. When we’re connected to something bigger than us, something fueled by eternal love and power, there are absolutely no limits.

Living a spiritual life has helped me:

  • Quit drinking, for good!
  • Remain sober for 20+ years
  • Build and maintain healthy relationships
  • Break free of habits and baggage that no longer served me
  • Become a better overall person
  • Get paid what I’m worth
  • Create and maintain a career I adore
  • Sleep better
  • Open my mind
  • Open my heart
  • Open my soul
  • Learn to truly love

Try it. You might like it!

How Do I Get Started?

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Free 15 Min Call

Schedule a call to ask questions, learn more.

Because your insides are already fluttering with excitement.

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Book Appointment

Book an appointment to get the session on your schedule.

Because if you don’t set your priorities, someone else will.

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1st Session!

We’ll meet and let the magic begin! We can do phone, Zoom or in person in the Cape Coral, Florida, area.

Because you deserve to be happy, joyous and free.

Book Free Intro Call

Rynski believes in a world where magic happens – If you let it. 

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