I am Blessed. So Are You.

Look for the blessings. You'll find them. Spiritual Coach Ryn Gargulinski.

Reiki Master | Spiritual coach | Writer | Artist | Dog Lover

We are all blessed

But if you would have told me that 24+ years ago, I would have snorted and cracked open another beer. 

Yep. A toxic mix of depression, negativity and alcoholism took me to the verge of death at age 29. But even though I felt like life was one big long prison sentence, when death actually stared me in the face – I realized I wanted to live. 

So I got sober, got spiritual and got entrepreneurial. I first launched a successful writing and art career, as I always knew I wanted to share my writing and art with the world. But then the itch got bigger.

I wanted to share my happiness with the world, too. That’s when I added consulting, speaking, coaching and Reiki to the mix. 

I absolutely love seeing the gleeful glow on people’s faces when I can help them break free of whatever is weighing them down – so they can feel their blessings, too.

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Happy Clients

Published Books


Years in Recovery

Things to be Grateful For

Top 4 Things I Can’t Live Without

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Spiritual Connection

Once I made up my mind to embrace the Divine, a magical life doth unfold. (Hey! It even rhymes!)

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Positive Mindset

Our thoughts are like giant magnets, attracting more of whatever we’re thinking. Stick with positive thoughts, and you’ll enjoy more positive things.

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Continuous Growth

There’s no such thing as standing still. You’re either growing or you’ll start to wither. And withering makes your skin wrinkle.

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My Dogs

My dogs are my children. They teach me so much. Like the joy of living in the moment. The power of naps. And unconditional love.

Spiritual Coach Rynski: Journey to Cape Coral, Florida

Born in Michigan and currently in Cape Coral, Florida, I’ve lived in seven different states over the years. Pretty cool indeed!


  • Michigan will always have a delightful place in my heart. 
  • New York City is where I got sober and went to college. Brooklyn rules.
  • New Mexico is where I experienced NYC-to-small-town culture shock and owned five pet goats. Tucumcari rocks. 
  • California is where I lived in the redwood forest and learned I couldn’t live in the rain. Ever heard of Gasquet?
  • Oregon is where I ended up in a haunted Brookings farmhouse, met my soul mate dog Sawyer, and really learned I couldn’t live in the rain.
  • Tucson, Arizona, is where I moved to escape the rain. Here I had a huge spiritual growth spurt and fell in love with the desert. But I eventually needed my water back.
  • Florida had always called to me in the background. I tapped into Spirit to manifest our Cape Coral house in 10 days. Found my forever home. 

States I've Lived In

Visits to the Beach

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The Rynski Healing Team

Team Motto: When all else fails, take a nap.

Ryn Gargulinski [Rynski]

Ryn Gargulinski [Rynski]

Writer | Artist | Spiritual Coach | Consultant | Reiki Master | Dog Lover

Reggie Gargulinski [Tuca]

Reggie Gargulinski [Tuca]

Lover | Jumper

Elmo Gargulinski [Alamo]

Elmo Gargulinski [Alamo]

Eater | Napper

Blood, sweat + Fun

Or you might know them as credentials.

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Rynski believes in a world where magic happens – If you let it. 

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