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Best Self-Improvement Books

12 Steps for Everyone by Rynski: Self-improvement book

The 12 Steps for Everyone

Adaptation of the Steps for Folks Not in Recovery

Remember that manual for living you always wanted?

Here it is.

This self-improvement book features the 12 Steps in a variation anyone, anywhere can use. They’re based on the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, but written for folks not in recovery.

That means you get all the joy, freedom, self-growth and relief the steps can bring without the years of hangovers and drunken yelling matches.

Pretty cool deal indeed!

NOTE: Combine with Rynski coaching for even more powerful results. 

Self-Growth Plan
Written and Illustrated by Ryn Gargulinski

I loved the humorous way the 12 Steps for Everyone book delves deeply into each step. I recommend this book for everyone, in recovery or not. This book clearly lays out a plan how YOU CAN BE THE BEST YOU possible.

Lynn P. | School Bus Driver

Little Book of Big Jerks by Rynski: Self-improvement book

Little Book of Big Jerks

Fast, Fun Illustrated Guide for Dealing with Difficult People

Whether you run into them in the supermarket, sit next to them at work, or even end up dating (or marrying!) one, difficult people are everywhere.

But you no longer have to run, hide or cross to other side of the street to avoid them if you have this handy self-improvement guide by your side.

Not only do you get a good look of 12 different jerky types, but you get 12 tools you can use to safeguard yourself from their jerkiness.

Don’t delay. Use the tools today – for a happier, healthier, and jerk-free tomorrow.

Self-Improvement Book
Written and Illustrated by Ryn Gargulinski

The Little Book of Big Jerks is fabulous and I think I’ve found my new guide to life in 55 pages.
It’s all SO completely true but hilarious. The drawings are fitting and adorable, so full of character. We all know at least one version of every type of the difficult person portrayed, or perhaps even seen ourselves in them (while my name is Ann, I have to admit Woeful William rings too true…need to work on that).
Ann D. | Artist

World's Best Bullet Journal by Rynski: Self-improvement book

World’s Best Bullet Journal

Raise Your Vibration, Create Success

Ready to feel, function and BE your best every single day? Start NOW with the World’s Best Bullet Journal.

  • Establish a morning ritual that gears up your day for optimum success.
  • Close out your evenings with gratitude and glee.

The journal is packed with a collection of top habits that writer, artist and certified professional coach Ryn Gargulinski has been using over her 20 years in recovery.

The best self-improvement books help you establish new habits, and this daily journal has you covered.

Daily Feel-Good Journal
Written and Illustrated by Ryn Gargulinski

Once I started a morning, ritual good things started happening. Rynski, how do you KNOW these things?
Kelly M. | Paralegal

Fun with Crystals by Rynski

Fun with Crystals

Crystals may take millions of years to form, but that doesn’t mean it has to take you a million years to learn about them.

Instead enjoy a fast, fun and easy way to get to know 52 crystals, the same way you’d get to know a new friend – with original artwork and savvy memorization tricks included.

Discover their healing properties, original nicknames and merry mantras you can use to activate their powers. 

Best of all, you get ample workbook space to personalize your relationship with each crystal however you see fit. Deepen your relationship with these magical stones.

Crystals Guide, Workbook
Written and Artified by Ryn Gargulinski

I really liked this Fun with Crystals workbook! The pictures of the crystals were beautiful. I appreciated the humor of anthropomorphic crystals!
Carol S. | Small Business Owner

Rynski Self-Improvement Books at a Glance

Online Self-Development Courses You’ll Actually Complete

Best Online Personal Development Courses

elmo gargulinski on the beach

Make Every Day a Stress-Free Beach Day 

5 Minutes a Day to Peace and Tranquility

    Trade your daily stress and overwhelm for that same sense of peace you get at the beach.

    Incorporate easy-to-form habits into your day for changes that last for a lifetime. 

    • Start each day with an energizing morning ritual  
    • Create an environment that invigorates
    • Attain and maintain high-vibe energy
    • Dissolve negative thoughts and beliefs
    • Discover the keys to serenity and abundance

    No surf, seagulls or sand in your pants required.

    Online Feel-Good Course
    By Ryn Gargulinski

    Wow. I never realized how cluttered my life was until I took this course. I was able to examine my daily habits, giving me a good look at things that were zapping my energy and bringing me down. Now my days are more energized than ever. Thank you!

    Tammy H. | Happy Mom of Three [and one's a teen!]

    rynski energized

    12 Steps to Optimum Success 

    Secret to Success in Everything You Do

    • Let go of the past
    • Rejoice in the moment
    • Open to a spiritual transformation

    This design for living takes care of it all. 

    This design is the 12 steps, and this course treats you to a fast, fun version of the steps ANYONE can use, whether you’re in recovery or not. As long as you’re ready for unstoppable success. 

    What are you waiting for?

    Another hellish day? Enroll now.

    Online Self-Growth Plan
    By Ryn Gargulinski

    Inspirational! Life’s challenges are unpreventable but how we cope and deal with them is our decision. Rynski’s 12 step course presents steps to evaluate behaviors in a light-hearted manner.

    If you look in the mirror and don’t like who’s staring back, this self-growth plan is for you. It’s also for anyone who seeks a foundation for better living. I really enjoyed it!

    Tina G. | World Traveler

    Most Popular Rynski Self-Improvement Book

    "A friend recently loaned me a copy of this book and my immediate reaction was to order two more copies.

    "I want one to keep for myself and another for another friend. This book is a must for anyone looking for straightforward solutions to life's problems.

    "The author has an amazing sense of humor and tons of knowledge. She transforms what could have been a tedious and dry subject of working through the steps into a truly enjoyable experience.

    "This self-growth plan is both a roadmap and workbook with exercises that can lead anyone to a peaceful, less stressful and more fulfilling life."

    Brenda B. | Fashion Consultant

    12 Steps for Everyone by Rynski