Reiki Workshops + Meditations

Join Reiki Master Ryn Gargulinski for free monthly Reiki workshops, with additional Reiki workshops and Reiki meditations on demand.

Reiki Workshops + Session Combos | Reiki Meditation Library

free reiki workshop with florida reiki master ryn gargulinski

Free Online Reiki Workshop Monthly

Enjoy a free Reiki workshop + session combo with a new topic every month for folks in recovery. Led by Florida Reiki Master Ryn Gargulinski as one of the programs offered by recovery community.

  • Day: Third Sunday of every month
  • Time: 11 a.m. to noon Eastern
  • Open to: Anyone with 48 hours or more of recovery

Register: Visit –> Explore Events –> Live Stream –> Select the date and then “The Joy of Reiki”

New link every month. Registration required.

Live Reiki Workshops with Rynski

Schedule a one-on-one online or in-person Reiki workshop + session combo.

Reiki classes last 60 minutes and include personalized Reiki energy healing session and download of materials covered.

Reiki for Space Clearing

Reiki + the 5th Dimension

Reiki + The Moon

Reiki for Burnout

Reiki + The Subconscious

Reiki + Love

Reiki Meditations with Rynski guided meditation library

Reiki Guided Meditations

On-demand meditations for on-demand magic

Recorded by Reiki Master Ryn Gargulinski

Access the Rynski Meditation Library


Pre-Recorded video Workshops with Rynski

Check out the selection of workshops, creativity + play on the Rynski Magic site.


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Reiki Meditations with Rynski guided meditation library
laughing wolf consulting with rynski

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Rynski believes in a world where magic happens – If you let it. 

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laughing wolf consulting with rynski
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