Don’t be a Sheeple.

SHEEPLE:  /ˈshēpəl/ noun

1. people conditioned to believe magical living is a myth, freedom of the soul is a theory, and social media gives you deeper truths than mystic healers.

2. folks who live by the “shoulds” in their heads instead of the “YES” in their hearts.

3. those who blindly go along with the crowd (and usually clog up traffic).

sheeple have no freedom of the soul

Mystic Healer | Wise Adorable Modern-era Guru

Once You Taste Freedom of the Soul, You Can Never Go Back

Ryn Gargulinski (aka Rynski) is a writer, artist, Reiki master, coach, consultant, dog lover and mystic healer who once traded her artwork on the streets of New York City just to eat and get her daily beer. She has since given up drinking and now has enough money to eat (even organic!). 

She has also expanded her art into a successful enterprise, her writing into a thriving business, and her consulting, coaching, Reiki and speaking into a growing practice that has already helped many attain freedom from the self-made chains that bind.

She has nine published books, more than dozen awards, and 21 years in recovery from alcohol. Don’t forget the two happy hounds, one happy hubby, and one helluva crystal collection. 

Ryn’s life purpose is to use her creativity, experience and humor to inspire others to live lives where magic happens, filled with freedom and joy. And yes, that includes bringing freedom and joy to dogs.

Certified Reiki Master Teacher: Usui Reiki Method

Certified Professional Coach, Recovery Coach: IAPRC

BFA Creative Writing | MA English Lit, Subway Folklore Thesis

Mystic Healer | Magical Living, Freedom of the Soul

Hypnoenergy Therapist | 5-Year Certification in Progress

Inspirational Speaker | Award-Winning Presentations

mystic healer ryn gargulinski

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Rynski Freedom Manifesto


We were born to howl. So why do we whimper?


Penned-up in meaningless jobs.

Hiding our faces in public.

A molten mass of “We must do this”

because some yahoo on social said so.


We hunker home in isolated bleakness.

Some holding their hands out for charity.

They think themselves wise to get money for nothing.

But they sold out their precious independence.

A tiny little cog in a giant machine—

that wants us to stay tiny and little.


I believe in a world where our lives are free.

You get to be you—I get to be me.

We live in our purpose, rejoice in our production

of fabulous fantastical things.


We were born to be seen and heard.

We are conditioned to be silenced and herded.


But the freedom we seek goes much deeper than that.

We crave freedom of our minds, thoughts and souls.


To stop thinking those things they tell us to think.

To stop believing those voices that tell us we’re weak.

To break free of the bondage of self.

To detonate the manacles in our minds.


Escape from the prisons we built in our brains:

The habits and patterns that keep us in chains,

Escape from the anger, the fear, and the shame,

The ongoing quest for someone to blame—


You have no one to blame but yourself.


And it’s you who can set yourself free.

So fling off those weights

Burst out of your birdcage


Stop snuffing out the fire in your soul.

Fuel it with passion. Ignite it with action.

Howl proudly—

Let your power


-By Rynski
Mystic Healer Ryn Gargulinski. Specializing in Magical Living, Freedom of the Soul
mystic healer ryn gargulinski aka rynski

Rynski believes in a world where magic happens—if you let it.

She brings that world to life by working with passionate souls who crave a change to unleash that magic every single day.

‘You are so my Wise Adorable Modern-Era Guru’

Brian J. | Home Health Caregiver

“You clever and talented lady. Oh Ryn, we’re so fortunate to have you. We’re all out here loving you.”

Michelle C. | Caterer

“You’re the best, inspiring me along to sort out my challenge.”

Warren B. | Marketing Expert

“We love having you as a partner in our business, and value your contributions so much!”

Gloria D. | Actress

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