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Make Magic Happen with SPIRITUAL HEALING.

RYNSKI COACHING + REIKI for those truly ready to have their life go well ALL THE TIME.    

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CHANGE IS SCARY. bUT SO IS An unfulfilling LIFE. 

Just because the world has gone mad doesn’t mean you have to follow. 

The world is a mess. Anxiety, stress, depression and rage take center stage.

Beneath this mess lurks your brilliant, one-of-a-kind soul. So why aren’t you letting it shine through?

Here’s the thing:

It’s easier for the surrounding negativity to bring you down than it is for you to bring it up. And unless you’re taking daily action to rise above the madness, it’s destined to swallow you whole.

Get the hell out of there. Now.

Book a call and I’ll tell you how.

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Optimum Success. Just Add Laughing Wolf.

Spiritual Healing Rocks


“My sincerest thank you to you—

YOU helped me get out of my black hole

and into a prestigious community-based job with a mission I adore.

Much gratitude.”


Lana H. | Dream Job Holder


Escape Black Hole


Get Spiritual Healing Now

Spiritual Coaching

You rant. I listen. We create a game plan to untangle your tangles. Because you deserve to live a life you love.

Reiki Energy Healing

You relax. I channel. Divine healing energy leaves us both happy and floaty. Because we all need a bit of healing.

Books | Courses

You absorb. I share. Perk up your life with proven practices. Because life is too short to be cranky.


Feel. Do. Be Incredible.


Break free of the fear that’s holding you back. Kill the habits that no longer serve you.


The resilience to overcome, endure, adapt, bounce back. Every. Single. Time.


The outer world is teeming with emotional and spiritual toxins. Purge. Protect. And thrive.

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Combine your intellect with your intuition and you become unstoppable. 


Financial freedom starts in the mind. Tap into the flow of abundance.  


A new freedom. A new happiness. And a new way of living that blows your mind.

Is this you?

Spiritual Healing Can Help

8 Signs It’s Time to Rynski-ize Your Life


You spend your days banging your head against the wall (figuratively).


You spend your days banging your head against the wall (literally).


You swear more than you laugh.


Your life has become one big-long to-do list.

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The past haunts you. The future scares you. The present annoys you.


You have outward success but feel empty inside.


Your first thought upon waking is a four-letter word.


Never mind a rut. You’re stuck in something that feels like cement.

Professional Spiritual Coach and Support Team

Reiki Master. Paw Game Master. Nap Master. 



Ryn Gargulinski

Reiki Master. Coach. Consultant.

  • Favorite crystal: Citrine
  • Favorite activity: Meditation
  • Favorite food: Pizza

Signature Quote: Live in the magic. It’s much more fun than living in the street.



Reggie "Gigi" Gargulinski

Belgian Tervuren. Joy. Enthusiasm.

  • Favorite crystal: Malachite
  • Favorite activity: The Paw Game
  • Favorite food: Cheese that Reggie likes

Signature Quote: Pet me me or I’ll scratch your cornea.



Elmo "Alamo" Gargulinski

Mixed Breed. Relaxation. Gratitude.

  • Favorite crystal: Rose Quartz
  • Favorite activity: Eating. Napping. (Tie)
  • Favorite food: Whatever fits in mouth

Signature Quote: I never met a meal I didn’t like.

How much happy can you take? Find out with Spiritual Healing

‘Ryn makes people better. And I like better people.’

Todd G. | Artist

Ryn is knowledgeable, fun and brings a burst of brightness to any day. You just want to be in her space.

Chelci C. | Beauty Consultant

“Ryn puts her heart, soul and talent into her coaching practice. As an accomplished artist and writer, she incorporates her unique art into the work materials, which can help make even the most serious issue seem a little lighter. It’s such a fresh approach, and applicable to any kind of recovery, not just from addiction but also relationships, illnesses, or any life transitions that have knocked you down and drained your dazzle.”

Kasia Y. | Health and Wellness Coach

“Ryn has gone out and grabbed life by the short hairs and made her challenges her bitch. She can do the same for you.

Mary A. | Librarian

Articles by Ryn Gargulinski, Spiritual Life Coach | Reiki Master

Rynski Blog: Less Stress. More Success. 

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